Posters for Morisawa & Co., Ltd. “Man and Writing”

— Ikko Tanaka

TDC Members Division : Gold Prize


Posters for Morisawa & Co., Ltd.
”Man and Writing”

My on-going research into the ancient letters of the world started back in 1984 when I first worked on the Morisawa Calendar project. I love to visit museums and old ruins because I feel that, through contact with cultures that existed thousands of years ago, I can place myself in context. However, this does not mean that I find every artifact that was treasured and valued by those who commissioned it unconditionally beautiful. Many of them have been damaged over time, and are now dirt-encrusted of faded. From the viewpoint of a designer who is, by the nature of his profession, expected to be ahead of his time, these objects belong, perhaps, in the world of archeology, as they carry the musty odor of times past. By themselves, they do not offer that bright, hopeful sense of direction that is required of a calendar which, after all marks a new year. Working on this project, I have always felt myself in a dilemma, moving back and forth like a pendulum between ancient times and the present. A great deal of interest is again being focused on typography as a viable design theme. I take great pleasure in seeing my “Man and Letters” work being so well appreciated now, when typography has so much going for it.

Ikko Tanaka

Born in Nara Prefecture in 1930. Graduated from the Kyoto City School of Fine Arts. After working at the Sankei Shinbun, Nippon Design Center, established the Ikko Tanaka Design Studio in 1963. Award he has received include; JAAC Special Selection, Mainichi Design Award, Minister of Education Newcomer Prize, Tokyo ADC Members’ Grand Prize, Mainichi Art Award, Purple Ribbon Medal, New York ADC Hall of Fame Prize. He made on-person exhibition in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Mexico. Book he has published include; “Design, no Zengo Sayu.” He is a president of the Tokyo ADC.