Poster, Mark & Logotype, Card, Packaging “Bording”

— Tristan Pranyko

Non-TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize


Poster, Mark & Logotype, Card, Packaging “Bording”

My typographic work is inspired also by architectural drawing: I am fascinated by the similarities or formal thinking contained in both disciplines which run through different social, cultural and historic aspects. I believe that there are mutual visual structures in different media projecting design standards as well as reflecting ideals of beauty, and this might be part of the constitution of our recognition, which then makes us even read undecipherable shapes and abstracts.

Tristan Pranyko

Born in Pula, Yugoslavia in 1957. At fifteen, he moved to Germany where he studied design. He won a number of awards for his works in conceptual art, but became increasingly interested in combining different media such as art, fashion, music, interior and product design. Motivated by this kind of general idea he started working as art director for various companies and projects. Mostly he was interested in expanding a corporate identity by not only designing a graphic image, but also developing a corporate culture by linking for instance; products, art work and representative ambient design. To him design work seems to be like the reverse of pop-art: It’s not exalting something “trivial” into an art gallery. It’s producing art for everyone and for our environment.