Film & Video / “Scottish Blood Bank” “Vicks” “Non-commercial Work”

— Jonathan Barnbrook

Non-TDC Members Division : Judges' Special Prize


Film & Video “Scottish Blood Bank”  “Vicks”  “Non-commercial Work”

I often ask why I am interested in typography, it comes from an interest in language. The way thoughts are represented by the symbols of letters to try and perform the difficult task of communicating with one another. These pieces of the work show a broad view of some of the things I have done for the past year. My favorite pieces are for Radio Scotland where I was given freedom to experiment with different media. One called “Foggie Bummer” which was drawn directly on pieces of found film. The second “Tartan Toyboys” was completed with conventional rostrum animation and the third was “True Romance” which was down with laser prints under a video camera in an edit suite. The work for the blood bank was done with a very small budget so consequently involve the minimum amount of animation. The final piece “Words was for an educational cable channel called “The Learning Channel.”

Jonathan Barnbrook

Studied graphic design at St. Martins School of Art and Royal College of Art. Worked as an independent graphic designer, font designer since ’90 and director when hi joined Tony Kaye Films in ’92. Has worked in the design world for clients such as Next clothing and the institute of contemporary arts in London. In font design has a number of fonts released by “Emigre.” Is in the process of setting up his own font company called “Virus.” Has worked extensively in TV advertising, collaborating with Tony Kaye and other directors on major campaigns such as Nike and Toyota. He is currently working on many live action and type projects and collaborating with the artist Damien Hirst on a book.
URL: http://www.virus.net/