— Ryosuke Uehara

TDC Prize



This is a visual/space design produced for “Boutique!” (a collaborative exhibition of fashion designers and artists) held at the Spiral building in Omotesando at the end of 2014. The exhibition also doubled as Spiral’s Christmas event held at the end of the year. First, I designed the typography, using “collaboration = pair” as the keyword, and then thought of a design that would boost the event as a whole while retaining an image in which “space” and “graphic” including fixtures and the Christmas tree were linked and integrated.
For me, designing letters and pursuing shapes are a part of the pleasure of working and provide a little alone time. TDC is a group of people who have unique tastes and preferences like me. I always get a slight frisson of excitement when I see a TDC annual book. I am very much honored to receive the TDC award. Thank you very much.

Ryosuke Uehara