Kuso shoso homotsuzu

— Ikki Kobayashi

TDC Prize


Kuso shoso homotsuzu

This is my graduation work at the graphic design department of Tama Art University. I decided to create as beautiful a work as possible for me as the compilation of my four-year dream-like college life. While reading various literature, looking for ideas, I found a picture book entitled “Shosoin gyobutsuzu” that was produced in 1875 to record items stored in Shosoin. I very much enjoyed imagining what the mysteriously-shaped treasures were used for and why they were made into such shapes, although I could not find answers, and decided to create my graduation work based on this feeling.
“Kuso shoso homotsuzu” contains 30 unknown strangely-shaped treasures. I reproduced the techniques used when Shosoin gyobutsuzu was produced, and designed my imaginary treasures and patterns on them.
I could not have achieved this on my own. I was lucky to be mentored by Professor Yasuhiro Sawada who supervised the production process and Mr. Hakuyu Kobuchi (hyogu-shi (paperer)) who bound the book. I also received various advice from my family, girlfriend, and friends. I appreciate all the people who were involved in the production. Thank you.

Ikki Kobayashi