Dreaming of Vacation

— Nejc Prah

TDC Prize


Dreaming of Vacation
The posters announce a series of improvisational music events (named Coordinates of Sound) in Ljubljana organized by Žiga Murko.
 In life, the ratio between vacation and work works strongly in favor of the latter. There are many things we need to do on an almost daily basis which provide very little excitement, apart from getting thing done and feeling like a responsible adult. This tasks can be: doing laundry, making ginger tea when having a cold, shaving, actual labour, lunch break… Each poster in the series covers one of them.
 For example: when I’m sitting and waiting for the laundry machine do finish its cycles, i often think of how great it would be to be somewhere else, preferably on vacation. Going on vacation often means flying somewhere, that’s why the series is framed with the usage of airplane windows.

Nejc Prah
Nejc Prah (born 1989) comes from Pijava Gorica, Slovenia. He finished his undergrad studies in visual communication at the Academy of Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2013 and is currently enrolled in the MFA program in graphic design at Yale University School of Art (class of 2015). He worked as a creative director for the student newspaper Tribuna from 2011-2013 and is a member of Ansambel (www.ansambel.org), a design collective based in Ljubljana.