KIYOKU-NO-STITICH (A stitch of memories)

— Mei Otsubo

TDC Prize


KIYOKU-NO-STITICH  (A stitch of memories)

This work is one of the embroideries I presented as my graduation thesis.
 In the work, I expressed that memories and archives crisscross and are reassembled as a new memory, using a newspaper published on the date when I was born.
 The string of characters that look readable but are actually unreadable not only expresses the ambiguity of memories, but also becomes an interesting attempt to experiment with typography.
 I replaced the newspaper, or paper motif, with pixels, and then reproduced it in an analog manner. In addition, I intentionally enlarged a familiar-sized object. By doing this, I was able to make the work interesting enough to offer extraordinary impressions and give it density and strength as a material object.
 I used the cross-stitch technique to give the work the meaning that it is a multiplication of a memory with an archive. But most of all, I feel that I just wanted to stitch.
 I was very glad to receive the award as I could rediscover the power of handwork.
 I will be happy if I can continue to use my hands to produce works in the future.

Mei Otsubo
Born in Tokyo in 1993. In 2016, she graduated from graphic design major, department of design, Tokyo Zokei University and entered  KIGI Co., Ltd.