Series_Turning over Pages in the Monitor

— Tomoko Ito + Mitsuru Tokisato

RGB Prize


「Series_Turning over Pages in the Monitor」
(Client : Non-commercial work)

The “Series_Turning over Pages in the Monitor” is an exhibition of the “Turning over Pages in the Monitor” series held at an antique bookshop “honkbooks” in 2018.
“Viewers,” such as people reading books or watching images, are always interacting with the contents by immersing themselves in the media. Taking advantage of an insight into the “third-party perspective” that overviews the situations surrounding viewers and contents, we created the “Turning over Pages in the Monitor” series, a series of video works featuring a book and hands flipping through the book.
When reading a book in everyday life, the reader is not aware of his or her “hands that flip through the book.” In this series, hands control the handling of the book while they are controlled by printed texts. The act of flipping through pages and the airing of such images take place at the same time but incoherently. Things being displayed — texts, a book, hands flipping through the book, and images — are all combined while their associations remain undifferentiated. The action of words and letters is one of the core themes of this work that connects their associations.
We appreciate that our work received high evaluation in the TDC Awards competition and was awarded this honorable prize.

Tomoko Ito
Graduating from Tama Art University, Graduate School of Art and Design, Ito produces works related to letters and words and writes articles on this and other themes.

Mitsuru Tokisato
Graduated from the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences and Tama Art University, Tokisato conducts experiments and observations on screens and cameras and produces and presents works.