Small Graphic for Kadokawa-Shoten “Gekkado Poet Title”

— Fumio Tachibana

TDC Members Division : Gold Prize


Small Graphic for Kadokawa-Shoten “Gekkado Poet Title”

My room is covered with piles of old newspapers. I had not realized how many of them had accumulated; it is now a melee of thousands of newspaper headlines gathered from countries far and near where those newspapers were read and then thrown away. I pick up fragments of text and transform them into new characters. Sometimes these new characters are used to make up the title of a poem. As usual, today I am buried in this dream island of old newspapers and I rummage through them randomly looking for bits I might use. Whenever I see something I like, I just rip it out and paste it along with others to create new characters. There I have another one finished; “Appreciation, Emotion, Rain, Hail.”

Fumio Tachibana
Born in 1968 in Hiroshima. Graduated from Visual Communication Design Division of Musashino Art University, and completed Master’s Course of Design in the Fine Arts Research Department of the Graduated School of Tokyo University of Art and Music. Invited Participation in “Artist In Residence” at Vermont Studio Center, the USA in ’94. Held his exhibition “MADE IN U.S.A.” at Saga-cho Exhibit Space in ’95, and collaboration with a German artist “BR¥KE” (P3 art and environment). Won Gold Prize at the 17th Bruno International Graphic Design Biennial.