Poster for Tamotsu Fujii’s Photo Collection “ESUMI”

— Kaoru Kasai

TDC Members Division : Silver Prize


Poster for Tamotsu Fujii’s Photo Collection “ESUMI”

Tamotsu Fujii captured the image of his subject merely as a natural part of her environment. She just happened to have a very unusual name. I found intense beauty in both the natural look of the subject and the unusual name so I laid them out together so that neither one dominates the design. The name and its object each hold their own within the space. Initially, JR (Japan Railway) was not enthusiastic about having the poster on view at the station simply because it was a nude. However, when they saw the actual design, of which they wholly approved, the work was presented in a 10 piece serial at Shibuya Station. The silent image and text had the power to convince even the most conservative audience. This picture was taken in the spring of 1995. Our collaboration started when we first met to do a shoot of stills for the movie “Maboroshi no Hikari (Mirage).” A year and a half later, thanks to the efforts of the good people at Little More, our collaboration culminated in this photographic production. This poster was made powerful because we were lucky enough to find this magnificent person, named Esumi. I am truly grateful for all the factors that combined to make this work possible.

Kaoru Kasai
Born in Hokkaido in 1949. After works at Bunka Printing Co. and Otani Design Laboratory Co., joined Sun-Ad Co., Ltd. Won Tokyo ADC Grand Prize and Member’s Grand Prize on art direction for Suntory’s Whisky Gift, campaign of Woolong Tea, advertisement of NTT Data & Communication. His recent works include advertisement design for play “Ukigumo” (Ta¥Manine), movie “Maboroshi-no-Hikari” (Televiman Union), book design for Tamotsu Fujii’s photographical collection “ESUMI” (Little More), and Shunji Itoh’s photo collection “NEW JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHY” (Koorin-Sya) and so on.