Editorial “RAUT”

— Ales Najbrt

Non-TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize


Editorial “RAUT”

I have co-founded the RAUT magazine in 1992 hand in hand with Tono Stano who’s a photographer and several other painters, sculptures, architects and writers. I became both an editor-in-chief and a graphic designer of the magazine. The magazine presents profound artists as well as entirely unknown representatives of Czech culture. In the Raut magazine everybody is given equal space and everybody is usually introduced by a black and white photograph. Designing a page of a size of 50 times 70 centimeters is a very different from working with a magazine of a usual size. Raut is an experiment and a trial. It became a place of very interesting contacts for us and at the same time a unique possibility of a free expression and choice. I used to work as an art director of a weekly magazine (Reflex) and several specialized monthly magazines (Design Trend, Typographia, Point). Recently I’ve been working on a change of a graphic concept of a conservative political weekly magazine (Respekt). The topic of a ‘magazine’ was always very interesting for me. The Raut magazine means to me a dream which came true and which inspires me to further work.

Ales Najbrt
Born in 1962 in Prague. Graduated from Secundary Graphic School and School of Applied Art. His works include; design for the activities of the theaters of the Prazska petka (The Prague 5) group (since ’84), artdirection of the magazine Reflex (’90Ä`’93), editing as the chief editor and artdirection of the magazine Raut (since ’92), graphic design for the Czech Republic exhibit at the Expo 93 exhibition in Republic of Korea, graphic design for the 16th Graphical Design Biennale Brno 94, and graphic design for the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Centennial (’95). He made many of his own exhibitions. His Awards include; The Most Beautiful Czech Books 1996 and Grand Prix 17th International Biennale of Graphic Design, Brno 1996.