Book & CD-ROM “12 o’clocks”

— John Maeda

Interactive Design Prize


Book & CD-ROM “12 o’clocks”

At the onset of this project, I felt that my focus on the aspects of digital forms had led me astray from the issue of communication, and that it was time to consider applying these techniques to benefit some communicative function. Over the previous year, I had sketched on paper a set of timepieces, and decided that a collection of clocks was most suitable to illustrate the idea of kinetic communication. Furthermore, time had been a recurring theme in my research, and I wanted to design in tandem with time. I was not sure how to do so until I happened upon a swinging pendulum. The natural laws of physics guide moving objects through space-time in a manner we are most accustomed to seeing. It is my hope that some of the clocks demonstrate that, by designing with physics, we can collaborate in a most natural manner with time. I am very pleased that this work received this award. Thank you for this honor.

John Maeda
Assistant professor of the Media Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Graduated MIT in ’89, S.M. And S.B. In Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. After year at the MIT Media Lab., joined International Media Research Foundation in ’90. Research area in Graphical user interface design, focusing on issues of traditional design in the digital age. Entered Doctoral Program in Art and Design, Tsukuba University in ’92, dissertation on the taxonomy and use of interactive possibilities. Established Aesthetics & Computation Group in MIT in 96 engaging in producing interface design not only for communicative means but also for aesthetic needs.