Poster & Sample Book for Heiwa Paper Co., Ltd. “HOKUSETSU

— Ken Miki

TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize


Poster & Sample Book for Heiwa Paper Co., Ltd. “HOKUSETSU
I wasn’t expecting to win this award and I’m very excited. A goal in producing “Hokusetsu” (Northern Snow) was to develop a paper that was as white as snow. The award-winning work includes the paper’s image poster and its sample book. The visual image features a snow-capped mountain in typography and is a modern version of ink wash paintings. The emblem depicts the characters for “Hokusetsu” as crystals of snow. If we have communicated to the viewer a sense of dignified “whiteness” in perfectly still space, then we have succeeded.

Ken Miki
Born in Kobe in 1955. Established Ken Miki & Associates in ’82. Awards he received include; JAGDA New Comer Award, Japan Typography Annual Grand Prix, New York ADC Bronze Prize, International Trade and Industory Minister’s Prize at All Japan Calendar Exhitibion, Design Forum Bronze Prize.