Play Station Game Software “I.Q”

— Norio Nakamura

Non-TDC Members Division : Judges' Special Prize


Play Station Game Software “I.Q”

“I.Q” is a game. We had all the people of the world in mind and tried to make it fun in a fundamental way, very much like card games and soccer. We spent most of our production time inquiring into a new world view and to give it universal characteristics as a game. Before we knew it, we were working on its design. The game’s rules, music, pictures and design are all interconnected and none of its parts are redundant. Both Masahiko Sato, who co-produced this project, and myself were completely new to TV games, but we were able to move ahead with confidence, thanks to our clear vision of where we wanted to go. Eventually the software was completed and, much to our delight, it became a hit, with close to a million copies sold. We are very happy and proud that this game, which became popular among many people including housewives, students and children, was rated highly for its design as well. If this game continues to have significance in the world and is still played a hundred years from now, I would be happy.

Norio Nakamura
Born in 1967 in Kawasaki. Graduated from College of Art, Nihon University in ’90. After working at Sony Music Entertainment Inc., established his own office in ’97. Awards he received include; New York ADC Silver Prize in ’97, Play Station Awards 97 Gold Prize, Excellent Prize at Media Arts Festival by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.