Poster for Matsuyama Billiard “Horu”

— Eiji Yamada

TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize


Poster for Matsuyama Billiard “Horu”
It must be “horu” rather than “ana,” or “hole.” That is, this cavern-like space with a tiny opening that serves both as entry and exit, must be a “horu” rather than the English “hall.” There may be something precious hidden in there. Or maybe not. The word has a mysterious ring to it, as the center of everything. The poster “Horu” which won the bronze award this year represents the feeling of that space of the indoor game halls, which were a familiar site a generation ago in every town, and also represents the hole that is the pocket in a pool table. I hoped, in producing this poster, to communicate that strange feeling that pool rooms had through the “Horu” behind which, neon signs flicker upon rolling billiard balls. Thank you very much for the award.

Eiji Yamada
Born in Fukuoka in 1965. Graduated from Graphic Design Dept. of Tokyo Designer Gakuin College. After working at several design offices, established Ultra Graphics in ’98. Awards he received include; ACC Logo mark Competition Grand Prix, Chaumont Poster Festival Semi Grand Prix, JAGDA New Comer Award and TDC Non-members’ Silver Prize and so on. Participated in the 18th Brno International Graphic Design Biennale 1998 (Work From Tokyo).