Poster for the Hosomi Art Museum “KYOTO-Miyako no Bijutsu”

— Masayoshi Nakajo

TDC Members Division : Silver Prize


Poster for the Hosomi Art Museum “KYOTO-Miyako no Bijutsu”
This is a three-piece set produced to commemorate the opening of the Hosomi Art Museum, which opened in Kyoto to showcase Japanese-style art works. Since the material featured at the venue is, in itself, fully realized artwork that does not allow any room for reinterpretation, I found it difficult to produce something that spoke of myself as an artist. I knew that if I tried too hard to introduce contemporary elements appropriate to the new venue, I would probably insult the sensibilities of lovers of the old art. The series is the result of my trials and errors. I felt sure it could not possibly win any award, but somehow, through sheer luck, I ended up with the silver award. I honestly feel that there were some real gems in the competition that deserved the TDC honor more than mine.

Masayoshi Nakajo
Born in Tokyo in 1933. Graduated from design course of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in ’56. After working at Shiseido Co. and Deska Co., worked as freelance in ’60, and established Nakajo Design Office in ’61. His works include: Art direction and design of Shiseido’s PR magazine “Hanatsubaki” since ’70; CI for THE GINZA in ’74, Matsuya Ginza Department Store in ’80, Cuisine Shiseido in ’84, Wacol Spiral in ’85, and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in ’94; logo and package design for Shiseido Parlor in ’90. Awards he received include; Tokyo ADC Members’ Grand Prize, Yamana Prize, Masaru Katsumi Prize, Hiromu Hara Award, Mainichi Design Award, TDC Members’ Gold Prize, Blue Ribbon Medal. He is a member of Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC, JAGDA, Tokyo Illustrators’ Society.