Poster for Hair Salon “Tony Tanaka Holistic Beaty”

— Nagi Noda

Non-TDC Members Division : Gold Prize


Poster for Hair Salon “Tony Tanaka Holistic Beaty”
I have this fetish about hair. I love men with beards and with lots of chest hair – even better if it is naturally curly. I adore women with long hair and long, long eyelashes. But I like them even more if they wear short-hair wigs. I am partial to Angora rabbits and hairy spiders. I love drawing hair and sometimes can’t resist the temptation to touch the braids on a strangers’ head. My mother has lovely long hair and my dad sports blonde hair. Our cat has absolutely gorgeous fluffy white fur. As a connoisseur of hair, I was very happy to work on the advertisement for Tony Tanaka’s beauty salon, and I am even happier to receive this award.

Nagi Noda
Born in Tokyo in 1973. Moved to New York and returned to Japan in ’87. Graduated from Department of Design, Graphic, Product and Interior Design Course of Women’s College of Fine Arts. After working for I&S; and Onuki Design, now work as freelance, mainly for advertisement production at Sun-Ad Co., Ltd. Awards she received include; JAGDA New Comer Award, NYADC Merit award in ’97. Her works were selected at CLIO, Chaumont Poster Festival, the 2nd International Poster Triennale (Sophia) in ’98 and IPT Poster Triennale Toyama.