Poster for the Shinmura Fisheries

— Norito Shinmura

Non-TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize


Poster for the Shinmura Fisheries
Shinmura Suisan is a fish monger on the tiny little island Ukashima in Setonaikai. I produced this poster thinking of the very familiar childhood sight of my fishermen dad mending his nets. I asked my brother to weave the characters using the actual net and my nephew let out the previous day’s catch of octopuses and rays in the ocean of Ukashima for the shooting of the poster. With all the bad news we hear about environmental deterioration and vanishing fisheries, I simply wanted to tell people that we still have great fresh fish in Ukashima. I hope that my fish and I will be able to hang in there. Thank you. 

Norito Shinmura
Born in Ukashima, Yamaguchi in 1960 as the eighth child in fisherman family. Graduated from Osaka Designers’ College. After working at Shin Matsunaga Design Inc. and I&S, established Shinmura Design Office in ’95. Won Mainichi Advertisement Design Award “Grand Prix” in ’94 by work advocating relation between fish and forest, and Environmental Advertisement Concours “Grand Prix” in ’98 by work claiming waste problems of sea. His works were selected at: Asahi Advertisement Award,Yomiuri Advertisement Award, Nikkei Marketing Journal Advertisement Award, NYADC, London International Advertisement Award, Cannes International advertisement Festival.