Poster for “Jyosei-Jishin” magazine by Kobunsha

— Shin Matsunaga

TDC Members Division : Gold Prize


Poster for “Jyosei-Jishin” magazine by Kobunsha
Out of the blue I was asked to design a new title logo for the women’s magazine “Josei Jishin” which was to undergo an extensive make over on its fortieth anniversary of publication. I suggested that we debut the new logo in a large-size poster, thinking that this would better communicate the impassioned determination of the editors to establish an entirely new look than simply introducing the new logo on the cover. I wanted to produce a bright splash of color, a spray of gorgeous flowers on lead-colored streets where the winds of recession seem to blow. My suggestion was eventually developed into the ten-piece poster that hung at train stations and the wide poster that hung inside the trains. I greatly appreciate the fact that this progressive organization, the Tokyo Typedirectors Club, could award a poster advertising a women’s magazines which is the epitome of public taste – with its highest honor.

Shin Matsunaga
Born in Tokyo in 1940. Graduated from design course of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in ’64. After working in the advertising division of Shiseido Co., Ltd., established Shin Matsunaga Design Inc. in ’71. Awards he received include: JAAC(Japan Advertising Artists Club) Special Prize, Mainichi Design Award, Gold Medal and Honour Award at the 12th International Biennale in Warsaw, Education Minister’s Art Encouragement Prize for Freshman, and JAAC Prize Yamana Award. Since ’88, held solo exhibitions in the world, Warsaw, Yugoslavia, New York, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Slovenia. In ’97 held “Shin Matsunaga Design World” at Sezon Museum of Art, and tour exhibitions at 5 museums in Japan from ’96 to ’99. Many of his works are in permanent collections at 38 museums in the world including Museum of Modern Art, New York.