Coon Song

— Jonas Zieher

TDC Prize


Coon Song

The work is based on the poem “Coon Song” by American poet A.R. Ammons (†2001). The poem begins as the metamorphoric journey of a raccoon surrounded by hunting dogs but then gradually deconstructs its narrative structure and ends up in a chaotic and dramatic monologue. Almost every word of the poem was transformed into a moving typographic image that reflects the words spoken. The typefaces vary from hand drawn type to custom built wood letters. The film is animated using various animation techniques that range from digital animation to live action. The project was supervised by Prof. Gerwin Schmidt.

Jonas Zieher

Jonas Zieher (*1989 in Esslingen, Southern Germany) is a communication design student currently heading towards his diploma from the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. Being able to learn from teachers such as Niklaus Troxler and Patrick Thomas, he soon made his way into self-initiated and commissioned work that is driven by an experimental and playful approach striving towards image innovation in both, classical graphic design and moving images.