— Seiko Ito + Gabin Ito + Taeko Isu + ucnv + BCCKS

RGB Prize



The result of exploring possible next-generation novel formats, DEAR is based on the idea of printing individual copies with different content according to the persons that purchase them.
Back in 1997, Seiko Ito originally released a novel, titled Kuroyagisantara (Black Goats), as an e-mail newsletter. He then got together with Gabin Ito, ucnv, and Taeko Isu to work out ways of breathing new life into the publication using contemporary means. They decided to make a printed book and asked BCCKS for assistance. We are very happy that this work won the RGB Prize even though it is actually a printed publication. Books, information technology, and Internet culture influence each other reciprocally. We believe that this is one title (in 4,000 variations) that will go down in the history of print media.

Seiko Ito + Gabin Ito + Taeko Isu + ucnv + BCCKS

The DEAR production team is a cooperative project comprising: Seiko Ito, a novelist, entertainer, rapper, and crossover artist; Gabin Ito, an editor and game & video producer; ucnv, a glitch art pioneer; Taeko Isu, a designer operating across various media; and BCCKS, a provider of powerful tools for online and print media. This work is the outcome of a collaborative effort in which everyone involved played roles beyond the bounds of their respective professions. The team will continue to produce different works with reshuffled lineups in the future.