Design Museum Holon

— Adi Stern

TDC Prize


Design Museum Holon (Signage system)
By using white arrows on white walls, the signage and way-finding system of the Design Museum Holon challenges common practice. The arrows, which are primarily discernible due to the shadow they cast on the wall, emerge from the museum walls and transform from two- to three-dimensional forms. The shape of the arrows echoes the flow and movement of the Corten weathering steel bands that surround the museum building, creating a unity of design throughout the museum.
My objective in this project was to create an innovative system that will be visible and easy to use, while not competing with Ron Arad’s dynamic architecture.
The system is trilingual and thus holds three scripts: Hebrew, Arabic and Latin. It also includes a special new custom Hebrew typeface, designed specifically for the project.

Adi Stern
Adi Stern (b. 1966) is a graphic designer, type designer and the Head of Department of Visual Communication, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel. He runs his own leading visual communications studio specializing in the design and typography for cultural institutions, as well as in book design.
He is a graduate of the Master in Typeface Design programme at the University of Reading, UK.
Adi writes, consults and lectures on the design and history of the Hebrew letter.
Many of his works were exhibited internationally and won awards worldwide.