— David Cameron Morton

TDC Prize



‘Euclid’ is a series of artworks that were inspired by a book that was owned by my grandfather—Geometrical Drawing for Art Students by I.H. Morris 1910. The book contains many geometric diagrams and questions as well as exams to help students learn geometry. The diagrams where then translated and reinterpreted using an Olivetti typewriter from the 1970s resulting in 101 related artworks, all approximately 16cm square. I am truly honored to accept this award, I was not expecting this result and I was honestly just happy to enter. To my family, friends, mentors and the Tokyo TDC judges, thank you.

David Cameron Morton

David Cameron Morton is an Australian designer and artist.
Born in 1991 in Chambersberg, Pennsylvania USA
1992 moved to Melbourne, Australia.
2014 Awarded the Tokyo Type Directors Award of Excellence,
2014 BA. Communication Design (Hons), MADA (Monash Art Design & Architecture)