EveryLittle Thing ON ‘N’ ON

— Ryosuke Uehara

TDC Prize


EveryLittle Thing ON ‘N’ ON

I began to draw letters and characters freehand during fifth grade at elementary school. At that time, I found a lettering book at the design company where my father worked, and I became totally absorbed in it. Before I knew it, I started to reproduce the letters freehand. I was probably attracted by the rules of fonts, in addition to the designed beauty of fonts. Also, although I was too young to understand, I probably felt the meaningfulness of the shapes and the expressions of letters and characters, sensing their implication that they remain as tools to shape history and culture while connecting the minds of people as though the shapes had been the very essence of humanity. When I worked on EveryLittle Thing ON ‘N’ ON, I remembered these good old days of complete absorption in reproducing those fonts. I felt that God advised me to “keep the foundations in mind!” Thank you very much.

Ryosuke Uehara

Born in Hokkaido in 1972 after graduating from the Textile Design Course, Department of Product and Textile Design, Tama Art University, Uehara worked for DRAFT and founded KIGI with Yoshie Watanabe in 2012. He has been engaged in art direction for various enterprises and brands, as well as in product design for D-BROS, etc. Uehara’s major works in the past include: The PARCO 2014S/S Campaign main visuals, PASS THE BATON, a SANYO coat campaign, and the krukku cosmetic product series, “reilu.” His major solo exhibitions in the past are: “KIGI Exhibition” (held at ginza graphic gallery) and “Sequel – KIGI Exhibition – Aggregation and Diffusion” (held at HILLSIDE FORUM). He is also the author of a collection book, KIGI (published by Little More), along with others. Uehara has won many awards, including the 11th Yusaku Kamekura Award for “THEATRE PRODUCTS,” the JAGDA Award and the Tokyo ADC Member Award for “T.O.D.A” (2013), and the New York ADC Gold Award and the ONE SHOW DESIGN Gold Award for “implosion – explosion” (2013).