Forgetting makes things easy; remembering drives you crazy.

— Masayoshi Nakajo

Special Prize


Forgetting makes things easy; remembering drives you crazy.
(Digest A, B, C, G series / SHISEIDO GALLERY) 

“These four posters are a digest of the exhibition titled, ‘Wasure-chatte EASY Omoidashite CRAZY,’ held last summer and consolidated as a memory. I did not expect that I could receive a prize. I felt the kindness of the judges.”

Masayoshi Nakajo

Masayoshi Nakajo was born in Tokyo in 1933; graduated from the Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts in 1956; joined the PR department of Shiseido Co., Ltd. and then DESKA; and established Nakajo Design Office in 1961. His major engagements focused on graphic design, including: art direction and design for Shiseido’s Hanatsubaki magazine, which lasted for over 40 years; art direction and design for Shiseido, The Ginza/Tactics Design; logotype and package design for Shiseido Parlour; logotype and sign planning for Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building; CI planning for Matsuya Ginza, SPIRAL building, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and Hosomi Museum; pictures for NHK’s “Nihongo-de Asobo” karuta (picture cards); and cover painting for Kurashi-no Techo magazine. He also serves as the vice chairman of Tokyo TDC and is a member of Tokyo ADC, JAGDA, and TIS. He also serves as a guest professor of the Joshibi University of Art and Design.