HaKU “everything but the love” Music Video

— Daijiro Ohara +Kota Iguchi

TDC Prize


HaKU “everything but the love” Music Video

This is a music video for the song “everything but the love,” produced using only typography, for the rock band, HaKU. All the letters and characters were derived from the lyrics and were established as a language landscape in a 3D CG space. In production, we regarded the typography, which develops in synchronization with the music, as a visual language that should be perceived experimentally as an audio image with the speed of a subjective camera, rather than language to be read to obtain meaning. We produced this video, exploring a readability that changes with time, perspective, and speed, and we sought a new perception and environment for visual and audio images. We are very much honored to receive this great award for our video. Thank you very much.

Daijiro Ohara +Kota Iguchi

Daijiro Ohara (right): Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1978; graduated from the Department of Science of Design, Musashino Art University in 2003 and founded omomma in the same year. Ohara engages in design and video production centered on typography, “letter/character collection” (field work), “Moji Kuji” (word games through chance operations), “Mojuryoku” (mobile typography series on the subject of gravity), and “TypogRAPy” (a live performance with musician Shuta Hasunuma and rapper Illreme). Ohara also actively launches projects to explore new perceptions of language, letters, and characters through exhibitions, workshops, publications, performances, and dialogs. He also won the JAGDA New Designer Award in 2014.

Kota Iguchi (left): Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1984; founded TYMOTE Co., Ltd. while studying at the Department of Science of Design, Musashino Art University. Iguchi engages in a variety of design work, including commercials, music videos, live productions, and branding, centering on graphic design and video design. He founded Sekai Co., Ltd. in 2014, and his recent works include the “Kanji City Kyoto” experience-based sports video and SOUR “Life is Music.” Iguchi won the Yellow Pencil of the D&AD Award and the Bronze Pencil of the One Show Award, etc.