— Kaoru Kasai

Special Prize



I was assigned to the production of the “HIROSHIMA APPEALS 2013” poster, which calls for peace in Japan and abroad. Thinking about Hiroshima in front of white paper, I felt that the whiteness of the paper represented the glare of summer sunlight when we look up the sky. I drew this picture spontaneously, and various feelings came to me while I was drawing the numerous images. People are supported by someone and care about someone. That’s why we can live. Atomic bombs can never deprive people of affection or love of significant others in the respective people’s minds. I hope that the people who see this poster will remember this or think in respectful ways.

Kaoru Kasai

Born in Sapporo in 1949; art director of SUN-AD Co., Ltd. Kasai has engaged in a variety of activities, including advertising production for Suntory Oolong Tea and UNITED ARROWS, LTD., art direction for TORAYA shops and packages, CI planning for the Roppongi Shopping Street Association, advertising art for movies and plays, and bookbinding. Recent works include: Bookbinding for IRON STILLS (written by Yasushi Handa and published by ADP) and Thinking Architecture (written by Peter Zumthor and published by Misuzu Shobo); advertisements for the TOYOTA 86 sports car; and shop planning for TORAYA TOKYO. Kasai is also the author of Zuroku Kaoru Kasai 1968 (published by ADP).