Iki-no-kuda(Body and Breath)

— Kanako Hatakeda

TDC Prize


Iki-no-kuda(Body and Breath)

This drawing represents my recollection of a path that I once walked in the past and that I now trace with the tips of my fingers.
The initial idea was to visualize the fact that I was actually there.
The temperature of the air, the smell of the wind, and the feelings I had along the way all these things I channeled into one single line.
The act of walking back and forth on a vast expanse of land is just like breathing.
I feel so happy, I could jump for joy. Thank you so much!
For now, I’m going to take a deep breath, and then I will go on with my work.

Kanako Hatakeda

Born in 1989, grew up in Fukuoka; graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Design and Crafts, Concentration in Visual Design in 2013; has been creating and exhibiting works themed around body movements, breath, and land; her private exhibitions include “Kiseki ga moji ni naru” (2013) and “Kogai” (2014; both at Grill Gallery).