Italian wines

— Kazuo Kuribayashi

TDC Prize


Italian wines

These are feature announcement posters for the monthly Vinotheque wine magazine, with a theme title of “A great variety of excellent Italian wines.” After considering how to handle this title, I got the idea of “using the magazine as a stage where a variety of distinctive wines are involved in a contest.” Using the alphabet, one poster shows “a scene where hot-blooded wines from across Italy gather, showing off themselves, when the stage curtain opens,” while the other shows “a scene where wines line up in a buzz, in order, for a greeting after the curtain falls.” I sincerely thank the chief editor and the other staff, who always adopt my daydream-like graphics.

Kazuo Kuribayashi

Kazuo Kuribayashi was born in Tokyo in 1960, graduated from the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University in 1988, and established Kuri-to Graphic in 2001 after working for Tokyo Advertising, Studio Tokyo Japan, and Minolta Digital Solutions. He has been engaged in the production of Vinotheque magazine as the art director since the December 2006 issue.