— Yukiko Uno + Moji Makers Club (Kazuhiro Yamada)

Type Design Prize



“Kozei” was created based on an independent study with a focus on the relationship between the shapes of letters/characters in old writing and the language used. The Japanese kana characters seen in old writing are written in an unbroken line. Controlling links between letters is a delicate communication attempt to express words and phrases in the writer’s original form. “Kozei” reflects the strong consciousness about this beautiful character expression and provides writers with diverse options, including 50 kana phonetic characters in four types of shapes that create links between the letters. Therefore, sentences expressed by making full use of the advanced composition functions of an OpenType font require a sophisticated sense of beauty on the part of the writers. We feel that this will offer an unknown experience toward expanding the possibility of Japanese typography. This is an experimental task meant to question how letters and characters should be to go beyond their role as a symbol to convey words and phrases in modern composition. We are very happy that this work, born from a respect of the richness of the Japanese language, was appreciated by being given the TDC Award.

Yukiko Uno + Moji Makers Club (Kazuhiro Yamada)

In the production of “Kozei,” Uno took charge of design based on character expression in old writing, while Yamada took charge of engineering, including the development of an original font production tool. Communication between the designer and the engineer realized a font design combining design and function in a sophisticated manner. http://www.kozei.net

Yukiko Uno (right): Born in 1989; graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design, College of Art and Design, Musashino Art University in 2013. Uno is a font designer for JIYUKOBO, Ltd.

Kazuhiro Yamada (left): Born in 1985; graduated from the Department of Design, Faculty of Art and Communication Evening Division, Tama Art University in 2008. After leaving Matzuda Office Co., Ltd., Yamada has been working as a senior type designer for Monotype Inc.