— Kiyoshi Tsukamoto

TDC Prize



First of all, I want to thank the judges for selecting this work. These image teaser posters were designed for the 2014 announcement of the world’s first Blu-ray release of La Strada, directed by Federico Fellini. I made these posters in a free sort of way because the core visuals had not yet been determined when I created these posters. The typography of the posters consists of restructured Japanese kanji characters for the Japanese word, michi (strada). The characters were likely to have a square silhouette because of their shinnyo and tsukuri (both are the names of parts constituting a Japanese kanji character) shapes. I tried to avoid the square silhouette and aimed to create an active shape. I wanted to keep the raw, primitive impression (of this film) also by avoiding excessive arrangement and design, as if it were an accidental shape formed by throwing around some boards of the same size.

Kiyoshi Tsukamoto

Born in Tokyo in 1973; graduated from the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University in 1996. Tsukamoto currently works as a freelance designer after leaving ADVERTISING AGENCY KOBI CO., LTD. and UltRA Graphics, LLC. He won the TDC Award in 2006 and is a member of TDC and JAGDA. His primary field of work is DVD and CD jacket design.