M label No.29 Mika Ninagawa “ Self-image”

— Satoshi Machiguchi

TDC Prize


M label No.29 Mika Ninagawa “ Self-image”

I sometimes feel that Mika Ninagawa, who belongs to the same generation as I, has natural character similar to me. Previously, I was fascinated by her unskilled but very cool photographs of cherry blossoms falling in all directions over the Meguro River. The photographs were taken without clear focus, after having a big quarrel with her husband and dashing out of the house. The photographs led me to design and publish my first photo book. I was caught up in Ninagawa’s cool way in which she lives (via the self-portraits of her life), and I designed and published this second photo book, for which I received the award. I tend to prefer fascinating design to attractive design, and I am a little bewildered and excited about winning the award for this photo book. Probably, Ninagawa feels the same way. I appreciate all the people involved for their cooperation in producing this photo book.

Satoshi Machiguchi

Born in Tokyo in 1971; presides over a design office, named “match and company, Inc.” He has deep ties to up-and-coming photographers and has directed a large number of photo books to date. He also works in a variety of fields, including graphic design for movies, plays, and exhibitions, along with bookbinding. Machiguchi always meets face-to-face with creators and performers, and engages in production in his own way. In 2005, he founded a photo book label, “M,” and a photo book distributor, “bookshop M,” to publish and distribute photo books. He has presented his work at “PARIS PHOTO,” one of the world’s biggest photography festivals, since 2008, and he pursues the “possibilities inherent in Japanese photo books” with an eye on the world.