— Rintaro Shimohama + Naoki Nishimura + Shinya Wakaoka

RGB Prize



The handwritten letters and characters on signboards found here and there in various towns have a charm that is not found in orderly arranged data fonts. We have actively looked for and became fond of the design attractiveness, such as that which can be found in antiques and folk crafts, of these noramoji letters and of characters having a peculiar loveliness and human touch blended into aged and weathered base materials. That was the beginning of this project. We wanted people to feel the attractiveness of noramoji  by discovering and appreciating them, analyzing their shapes, and distributing them as font data available to everyone. It is, so to speak, a folk art campaign in typography. We want to provide support in the hope that noramoji will be passed down to future generations, even if only slightly. Try using these noramoji  letters!

Rintaro Shimohama (top): An interactive art director working in fields related to advertising design and media art, with work recommended by the Japan Media Art Festival.

Naoki Nishimura (middle): Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1984; graduated from the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University in 2011. Nishimura currently works as a designer at tha ltd.

Shinya Wakaoka (bottom): Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1982; graduated from Kanazawa College of Art. Wakaoka currently works as a freelance graphic designer.