— Tsuguya Inoue

Special Prize



I look up the sky more often, absent-mindedly, as I get older. I become conscious of each big round thing in the sky during the day and at night when I look up at the sky with my mouth open. I created this poster with Michihiko Yanai under the theme of “BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON,” with an image of the sun and the moon, for an exhibition planned by the PARCO MUSEUM. Michihiko Yanai provided me with gentle, strong, and supple phrases “You don’t know how I love you. You don’t know how I want to get free.”. I learned a lot more about “the sun and the moon,” in addition to achieving a great deal of freedom in the work. I asked Ryota Atarashi to take photographs of the sun and the moon, and I asked Tamaki Yoshida to take photographs of light and water. This poster was led by the two photographers, with their fundamental energy. Through working with them, I cemented a new interest in round shapes, such as the sun and the moon, with which I had little to do in the past. 

Tsuguya Inoue

Born in 1947; founded the Beans design office in 1978. Inoue is an art director and graphic designer engaged in art direction for advertising, music, publishing, TV, etc. He continues to engage in unconventional, cross-category design in photography and typography. He also won the Tokyo ADC Grand Prix, the Tokyo TDC Grand Prix, and the Yamana Prize at the Japan Advertising Awards.