Shinken Shirahadori

— Koichi Hara

Book Design Prize


Shinken Shirahadori

I work with Mr. Miyahara in fashion photography. He asked me to design his photo collection and gave me a variety of photographs, including snapshots taken during work, family photos, and ordinary landscape photos, in color or black & white. I understood his intention when I saw those photographs, but I felt that it may be a little difficult for viewers to understand. I put the photographs on the desk and thought it over for three weeks. The initial title of the photo collection was Shinken Shirahadori in kanji characters, but I changed this to katakana characters. I had a designer from Trout look for a font and combined it with a photograph in an unexpected way.
The photograph printed on white cloth and white reversed type do not give a strong impression to viewers, but I felt this is just right because both the title and the photographs in the collection give a strong impression.
I was surprised to receive the award unexpectedly. Thank you.

Koichi Hara

Koichi Hara was born in Yokohama in 1946 and graduated from the Craft and Design Course of Kanagawa Technical High School in 1965. After working for the Ashidate Group, Dai-Ichi Tsushinsha, and Asatsu Inc., he founded Trout Inc. in 1985. He received the Tokyo ADC Grand Prix for the Suntory PR magazine SPIRIT in 1980 and the Tokyo ADC Award for a YMO magazine ad in 1981, plus others. His recent work includes many photo collections, including those of Hajime Sawatari, Antoine d’Agata, Shingo Wakagi, and Muga Miyahara. He is a member of Tokyo ADC.