The Avocado – Pecha Kucha poster / Super – Sonic Hardware Warehouse

— Nejc Prah

Grand Prix


The Avocado – Pecha Kucha poster / Super – Sonic Hardware Warehouse

2nd year students of the graphic design program at Yale had to present their thesis ideas through a Pecha Kucha presentation. I had to make a poster for it, and in the little time I had, I came up only with bad ideas. One of them was to make 20 concentric shapes with a core in the middle, as the students have 20 slides to show what their visual method is. I showed the sketch to my friend Yotam, he said it looks like an avocado and so it ended up being one.
The poster series started as a hardware store catalog, coming from my growing fascination with all the stuff you can buy there. Both projects were printed on a risograph, a machine that lacks precision and detail, but gives me control over every single layer and overall color separations. In both projects, a lot of my focus went into form and making: How visual or abstract I can go with typography and how it relates to the image, which parts of the design are kept flat and where detail should be added. I also like to think about how abstractly things can be designed while still keeping some of its original form and recognizability.

Nejc Prah

Nejc Prah (born 1989) comes from Pijava Gorica, Slovenia. He finished his undergrad studies in visual communication at the Academy of Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2013 and is currently enrolled in the MFA program in graphic design at Yale University School of Art (class of 2015). He worked as a creative director for the student newspaper Tribuna from 2011-2013 and is a member of Ansambel (www.ansambel.org), a design collective based in Ljubljana.