Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2011 Results !!

< Grand Prix >
- Sonya Dyakova (UK)
Book Design “Creamier. Contemporary Art in Culture”
(CL. Phaidon Press)

< TDC Prizes >
- Yoshie Watanabe 
Small graphic “12 Letters” (CL. D-BROS)

-Lixibin (China) 
Mark & Logo / VI “TRIPLE-MAJOR visual identity , logo type”

- Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland) 
Poster “Lucien Dubuis Trio” (CL. Jazzin Willisau)

-Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland)
Poster “Schluss mit der Schwarzmalerei! -Enough of that Doom and Gloom!”
(CL. Poster Project Heidelberg, ‘Courage for Rage’)

- Adi Stern (Israel)
Signage “Signage system for the Design Museum Holon,
including a proprietary Hebrew typeface” (CL. Design Museum Holon)

< Special Prizes >
- Tsuguya Inoue
(CL. ginza graphic gallery)

- Shin Sobue + Hidenori Yoshioka
Book design “My name is Shingo” (CL. Shogakukan Inc.)

< TDC RGB Prize >
- Originally created by: Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue, Theo Watson and Jamie Wilkinson (USA)
“GML (The open data format for storing graffiti data)”

< Type Design Prize >
- Emilie Rigaud (France)
“Coline, typeface family” (CL. Self-commissioned work)

< Book Design Prize >
- formdusche, berlin (Germany) 
“>>Oper pur<< magazine” (CL. opera cologne)

* Total entries: 3,146 (2,191 by Japanese entrants and 955 by overseas entrants)
* All awards are equal in grades except the Grand Prix.