Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2013 / ginza graphic gallery

The exhibition introduces more than 100 works including award winning 10 works, prize nominee works and excellent works selected from a total of 3,015 entries (including 1,009 entries from abroad) which were applied last autumn.

Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2013
Where : Ginza Graphic Gallery
When : April 04 – 27, 2013
(closed on Sundays and national holidays)
11:00 ~ 19:00 (until 18:00 on Saturdays)
Free admission
Address: DNP Ginza Bldg., 7-7-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3571-5206

TDC DAY : International Design Forum
Six hours of lectures and discussions by Tokyo TDC Award winners and guests
Date and Time : April 6 (Sat.), 2013, 12:30 ~ 18:30 *time to be confirmed
Venue : Joshibi University of Art and Design, Suginami Campus (An entrance fee will be charged. Please apply in advance. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.)
Organizer : Tokyo Type Directors Club
Co-sponsor : Ginza Graphic Gallery
Cooperation : Joshibi University of Art and Design
Details will be published on the Tokyo TDC website
For further inquires, please contact the Tokyo TDC Administrative Office :

Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2013 Prize Winners

[Grand Prix]
Stefan Sagmeister & Jessica Walsh, USA
Now Is Better
Movie (Category : RGB)

[Special Prize]

Masayoshi Nakajo, Japan
Forgetting makes thing easy; remembering drives you crazy. (Digest A, B, C, G series / Shiseido Gallery)
Poster (Category : Poster B)

[Special Prize]
Kaoru Kasai, Japan
Architektur Denken (Misuzu Shobo)
Book Design (Category : Book Design)

[TDC Prize]
Shinsekai Type Study Group (Yoshihide Okazawa, Tetsuya Tsukada, Hidechika) , Japan
The formation of “NEW” kana written horizontally
Experimental Work (Category : Experimental Work)

[TDC Prize]
Felix Pfäffli, Switzerland
Südpol Poster Series
Poster (Category : Poster B)

[TDC Prize]
Erich Brechbühl, Switzerland
Between me and tomorrow
Poster (Category : Poster B)

[TDC Prize]
Kazuo Kuribayashi, Japan
Italian wines (Vinotheque)
Poster (Category : Advertising)

[TDC Prize]
Stanley Wong (anothermountainman) Hong Kong, China
Exhibition movie (Category : Experimental Work)

[RGB Prize]
Cohen Van Balen, UK
Project (Category : RGB)

[Type Design Prize]
Ahn sam-yeol, Korea
Ahn sam-yeol (Hangul)
Type Design (Category : Type Design)

[Book Design Prize]
Not Applicable