J. Entry Rules

J. Entry Rules

All documents for submission must be completed with the required information written in block letters. (More details on the opposite side.)

2. You may put a sticky note on a page to which you would like to draw attention if you submit a book for the Book Design category. (The placing of sticky notes is left to your discretion.)

3. For Category ④, mount /layout your logo, stationery’s photos etc. on a B2- size or smaller board (Any number will do) . Send also your real work in the case of stationery, etc.

4. Posters must not be mounted on panels.

5. For entries in the “Type Design” category, both character sets and sample passages of text, which can be short or long, must be submitted on a paper printout. There is no limitation on the number of sheets.
*Title or logo design cannot be applied in type design category.

6. Explanatory drawings must be attached to serial posters to describe their order/relationship. Do not bind the posters together.

7. Entries of package design must be emptied of packaged content such as liquids and cosmetics.

8. TVCF / Film / Video work / Motion logo / TV, Film title / Animation etc. must be submitted by DVD enclosed with the printouts of appealing scenes.

9. Website design must be submitted by e-mail with the information listed in items 1-12 below.
info@tdctokyo.org / Subject : 2019 RGB Entry
1) Applicant (Type Director) name
2) Postal address
3) Phone number
4) E-mail address and private URL
5) Occupation: Company / School
6) URL of the entry
7) Appealing points / pages
8) Client
9) Copyright owner
10) A brief explanation of the entry work (within 150 words)
11) Operating System : Provide specification of the platform, OS, browser, plug-in requirements, or technology used for production (Flash, Java etc.).
12) Attach 1 to 3 captured images of appealing scenes in JPEG.

10. Entries of media contents except web design must be submitted by CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Note the recommended operation environment (system requirements). Briefly explain your work within 150 words and 1 to 3 captured images printouts of appealing scenes must accompany the entry.

11. Entries of installation sites and works that include hardware within RGB category must be submitted by CD-ROM or DVD-ROM containing a video documentation (ex. “.mov” format) to introduce the work.

12. Entries of smart phones and tablet computers related design and software: Unlock DRM (copy-guard) and accompany with some captured images.
* If you have difficulty unlocking DRM or have any questions on a device or reader, please contact us by e-mail.

13. Other categories: This competition accepts only actual work. No entries in electronic media are acceptable, excluding category ⑥ (TVCF) and ⑨. Aside from this, there are no other strict rules for entry. To submit a sign (board) design or a work that is usually difficult to send, submit a printed photograph of the work. It need not be a mounted paper printout. To submit CI work, many entrants send both the logo printed on paper of an arbitrary size and the actual item for which the logo is used (or a photograph of the item printed on paper, depending on the type of item in question). Please decide at your own discretion, considering how you would like to show your work at the competition site.