L. Notes

L. Notes

1. No entries will be returned.

2. Prize winning, prize nominee and excellent works will appear in the Tokyo TDC annual book, the digital archive and presumably in other various media including website. Taking this into consideration, applicants must be responsible for all the conceivable issues of copyright. TDC takes no responsibility for copyright issues.

3. Entries which do not follow the entry guidelines, or which the jury consider inappropriate, or which contravene the rights of others will be disqualified from the competition. TDC reserves the right to disqualify entries based on these conditions even after notification has been made that they are prize winning, prize nominee or excellent works. When doubts about whether a work conflicts with the copyrights of others arise after the yearbook is issued, the producer of the controversial work and the corresponding third person are responsible for solving the problem. Tokyo TDC takes no responsibility in such matters.

4. Entries will be handled with the utmost care. However, TDC will not be responsible for any loss or damage to entries due to unavoidable accident. If such an accident occurs, the applicant may be asked to re-ship the entry.

5. Entrants grant TDC the right to reproduce the images of entries for promotional purposes.

6. The layout of the annual book is done in accordance with the editing format and policy of the TDC annual book. We will not accommodate special requests from entrants.

7. The TDC annual book will be produced basically using the digital files provided by applicants. Due to technical and organizational constraints, TDC reserves the right to determine the trimming and cutout of the images requested by the annual book’s designer without permission from the applicants. TDC will photograph the entry works if need be.