(8) Entry List / Entry Label

■ Entry List

▶︎ Online Registration 2018

1. Complete all entry information online before sending the work. The information required is the same as on the “Entry List” below.

2. Print out the completed online registration form and enclose it with the entry.
*If online registration is not possible for some reason, fill in the “Entry List” below and enclose it with the work.
*Do not attach this list to entry works. Enclose it with them. This list is required for us to gain an overall picture of the entries submitted by each applicant = type director. Use one box per entry. (A series is considered to be one entry.).
As overseas applicants are exempt from entry fees, NO MORE THAN THREE ENTRIES will be accepted from each applicant.

▶︎ Entry List 2018 (A4/PDF)

■ Entry Label

▶︎ Entry Label 2018 (B5/PDF)

Each entry must come attached with the completed “Entry Label” on the back of the work.

●Digital Files and Staff Credits
Applicants whose entry is selected as a prize winner, prize nominee or excellent work will be contacted by TDC by the end of December 2016, with instructions to provide the digital file(s) of the successful entry and its credits.
*The TDC yearbook will be produced with the files provided by the applicants.

How to prepare a Entry List and Entry Label?
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