The Tokyo Type Directors Club (Tokyo TDC) was founded in 1987 to pursue the possibilities of visual expression of letters and / or words. As before, we invite entries from all around the world for "Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards 2010." Please send us artworks which cut across the boundaries separating type direction, typography, typo-graphics and type design.
Eligibility, Entry Works and Limits to Number of Entries
- No special qualifications are needed to submit an entry. TDC requires that Applicants be the Type Directors of their works.
- Entries must have been produced between September 2008 and the deadline.
- Entries in the "TDC RGB" and "Type Design" categories that were produced or have appeared in the last 2 years will also be accepted.
- Number of entries: As overseas entries are exempt from entry fees, no more than three entries per Applicant =Type Director will be accepted. (There is no limit to the number of applicants from a studio / group / company or other organization. A series is treated as one entry.)
- Foreign nationals who reside in Japan are regarded as "Japanese applicants."
- Entries of course assignments by groups of students will not be accepted. All entries by students must be done individually.

1) Small Graphics
2) Editorial / Book Design
3) Type Design
4) Mark & Logotype / Corporate Stationery

Signage & Display / Packaging

6) Poster
7) Newspaper / Magazine Advertisement
8) Advertising Campaign (Entries of TVCF only can be included in this category.)
9) Experimental Work (For entries not included in the other categories.)
10) TDC RGB (In a broader interpretation, works in which you can feel letters / characters and words, that are intended to be displayed on screens.)
* Two former categories: "Interactive design" including website and "Film / Video work / Motion logo / TV, Film title / Animation etc." have been combined to form a new category (excluding TVCF). We look forward to receiving entries from various media.

Entry Fees
- Entries made by foreign applicants are exempt from entry fees.

Jury (Further announcements will be made)
- Katsunori Aoki / Katsumi Asaba / Kenjiro Harigai/ Kazunari Hattori / Naomi Hirabayashi/ Hideki Inaba / Tsuguya Inoue / Kaoru Kasai / Atsuki Kikuchi/ Issay Kitagawa / Akira Kobayashi /Chris Lee / Gento Matsumoto / Joachim Muller-Lance / Hideki Nakajima / Masayoshi Nakajo / Norio Nakamura / Yugo Nakamura / Kashiwa Sato / Taku Satoh / Katsuhiko Shibuya/ Shin Sobue / Ryoji Tanaka/ John Warwicker / Bunpei Yorifuji
- Special jurors for Japanese Type Design : Hiroshi Komiyama/Osamu Torinoumi
- Jury for RGB category : Kenjiro Harigai / Gento Matsumoto / Norio Nakamura /Yugo Nakamura / Ryoji Tanaka
* If a juror's work is nominated, he / she must choose either to not participate in the final judging or not vote for his/ her own work. If a juror's work is selected to win a prize, it can only be considered as a Special Prize and no prize money will be awarded.

Prizes (Contents of TDC Awards)

Grand Prix : 1 entry / TDC Prize : 5 entries / Type Design Prize : 1 entry / Book Design Prize : 1 entry / TDC RGB Prize : 1~2 entries / TDC Special Prize : 1~several entries

- "Prize Winning Work" means an entry selected for the above prizes.
- "Excellent Work" means an entry, other than the above, which is selected to appear in the yearbook.
- "Prize Nominee Work" means an entry shortlisted for a prize but not selected as a prize winning work.
Certificates will be presented only to prize winners.

Prize Money

Entrants with prize winning works will receive their prize money at an award ceremony at the TDC exhibition in April 2010.
Grand Prix : JPY200,000 / Other Prizes : JPY100,000

Notification to Entrants
- Notification by e-mail will be made by February 2010 to prize winners, prize nominees and those who submitted excellent works.
* Unsuccessful entrants will not be announced.

- The international edition of "Tokyo TDC, Vol. 21 - The Best in International Typography & Design" will be published in January 2011 by Azur Corporation.
* No complimentary copies of the yearbook will be provided.

Entry Rules
- Entries that do not observe the rules below will not be considered. Any problems / questions with respect to entries must be resolved before applications are made by sending an e-mail to Tokyo TDC.
- All documents for submission must be completed with the required information written in block letters.
- Entry by electronic media (e.g. DVDs) is acceptable only for categories 8 (TVCF) and 10. All other entries must include the actual work itself.
* Selected works will be shown at the TDC exhibition using the submitted works.
- Entries in the "Newspaper & Magazine Advertisement" category must be mounted on paper board. Posters must not be mounted on panels.
- TVCF entries in the "Advertising Campaign" category must be recorded and submitted in the form of a VHS video or DVD video (NTSC format). When a work is longer than 3 minutes, a printout of the captured images that are the most appealing must be attached.
- For entries in the "Type Design" category, both character sets and sample passages of text, which can be short or long, must be submitted on an unmounted B2 (515 x 728mm) paper printout. There is no limitation on the number of sheets.
- Explanatory drawings must be attached to serial posters to describe their order / relationship. Do not bind the posters together.
- Entries in the "Package Design" category must be emptied of packaged content such as liquids and cosmetics.

Works which should be seen on the Web must be submitted by e-mail with the information listed in items 1-12 below. Between 1 and 3 captured color images which you think are the most appealing must be attached in the JPEG format.
1. Applicant (Type Director) / 2. Postal address / 3. Phone number / 4. E-mail address and private URL / 5. Occupation: Company, School 6. URL of the entry / 7. Appealing points / 8. Staff (up to 6 people) / 9. Client / 10. Copyright owner / 11. A short explanation of the entry work / 12. Operating system

* Provide information on the platform, OS, browser, plug-in requirements, or technology used for production. (Flash, Java etc.)
- Entries of local web data and other new media content to be displayed on screens must be submitted by CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Note the recommended operation environment (system requirements). Between 1 and 3 captured color images which you think are the most appealing must accompany the entry.
- Mobile sites: Submit a locally viewable website and its video image for reference purposes.

Installation sites and works that involve hardware: Submit either a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM containing a video to introduce the work.

* Digital data will be required when a TVCF in the "Advertising Campaign" or a "TDC RGB" entry is selected to appear in the yearbook.

Reception and Deadline
- All entries must be received by TDC by Saturday, October 10.
Entries arriving after the deadline will NOT be accepted.

- Prize winning and prize nominee works will be exhibited at the TDC exhibition. Excellent works that earn high marks will be also exhibited. The TDC exhibition will be held in April 2010 at the ginza graphic gallery in Tokyo and in June at the ddd gallery in Osaka.
* Showings at other exhibitions not specified here are considered to be approved by entrants without permission.


No entries will be returned.

- Prize winning, prize nominee and excellent works will appear in the Tokyo TDC yearbook and presumably in other various media, including websites. Taking this into consideration, applicants must be responsible for all conceivable issues of copyright. TDC takes no responsibility for copyright issues.
- Entries which do not follow the entry guidelines, or which the jury consider inappropriate, or which contravene the rights of others will be disqualified from the competition. TDC reserves the right to disqualify entries based on these conditions even after notification has been made that they are prize winning, prize nominee or excellent works. When doubts about whether a work conflicts with the copyrights of others arise after the yearbook is issued, the producer of the controversial work and the corresponding third person are responsible for solving the problem. Tokyo TDC takes no responsibility in such matters.

Entries will be handled with the utmost care. However, TDC will not be responsible for any loss or damage to entries due to unavoidable accident. If such an accident occurs, the applicant may be asked to re-ship the entry.


The layout of the yearbook is done in accordance with the editing format and policy of the TDC yearbook. We will not accommodate special requests from entrants.


Entrants grant TDC the right to reproduce the images of entries for promotional purposes.


Entries should be sent to:
Tokyo Type Directors Club
Tohen Bldg. 701, 31 Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 160-0015, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5366-2256 Fax: +81-3-5269-6667

All packages must be shipped prepaid. Shipping fees must be paid by entrants. Please also note that Tokyo TDC will NOT pay any customs duties, so be sure to mark "MATERIAL FOR CONTEST ENTRY - NO COMMERCIAL VALUE" on the outside of each package and on the commercial invoice.
*If the submitted work comes in multiple packages, PLEASE number them as 1/2, 2/2 and so on.

For more information (E-mail or Fax)
- Tokyo Type Directors Club
e-mail: Fax: +81-3-5269-6667

Online Registration

Complete all entry information online before sending the work. The information required is the same as on the "Entry List" below.
Entries can be registered online at here.


Print out the completed online registration form and enclose it with the entry.
*If online registration is not possible for some reason, fill in the "Entry List" below and enclose it with the work.

Staff Credits
- Applicants whose entry is selected as a prize winner, prize nominee or excellent work will be contacted by TDC by February 2010, with instructions to provide all credits for the successful entry.

Entry Labels & List
Download the Entry Labels here, fill in the form and attach the back side of your entry work.
What you register online (Step 2. Online Registration) could be printed out as your Entry List, so that please enclose it with your entry.
In case you cannot register online, nor can you print out as instruction, download the form here, fill it in and enclose it with your work.

Entry Label 2010

Entry List 2010