Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2007 Type Design Prize : Eiichi Kono + C&G (Satoru Sakamoto, Takeharu Suzuki, Yukiko Ueda) + Matthew Carter
2007 Award Winners

Microsoft Corporation - Meiryo font

In all ages and cultures, Gutenberg is called the father of modern printing technology and his discovery "Movable Type Technology" spread an information revolution rapidly throughout the world. Since then in the Western world, "creating letters" has been seen as the source of design for the fountain of knowledge that is books. Even now extremely high quality printing books are printed with high quality type-face that has been traditionally polished. "Creating type-face" became "creating phototypesetting" in the latter half of the 20th Century, and now it has further become gcreating digital letters". "Paper" is also becoming "screen" and brilliant color 3D graphics are meaning that printing is moving away from typesetting but without letters one could not use a mobile phone. Technology is always on the move and now Western and Asian characters are being mixed into horizontal typesetting in increasing regularity from books to business documents. I would like to work toward creating a book and useful font to understand the increasingly confused and different language and culture.
(Eiichi Kono)

Eiichi Kono

Born in Tokyo, Eiichi now works as a freelancer (typographic designer and senior research fellow at Brighton University, UK) in the United Kingdom. In 1974, at the age of 33, he quit his regular job and moved to the UK with only rudimentary English skills, he studied the design and handling of European letters, in addition to graphic design. Projects he undertook after graduation included modifi cations to the London underground typeface to create a body text version, space reductions and legibitity improvements to UK phone books, and designs for The Economist, a well-known economic publication. More recently, he designed the new standard font used in the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system "Meiryo",which provides signifi cantly improved on-screen legibitity.

C&G Inc. (from right Suzuki, Sakamoto and Ueda)

The company now known as C&G was established in 1985 and renamed 1993. With exceptional insights into a world based on advanced information communication, C&G has focused on fonts that deliver superior visibility and legibitity particularly on large-format, high-resolution video displays. The company also develops communication elements including icons, illustrations and GUIs. As an agent of Arphic Tecnology Ltd. of Taiwan, C&G has expanded its scope of font- related activities to enable support for software for font applications, embedded software, and different languages. These activities have lead up to the development of the "Meiryo" font used in the Windows Vista operating system.

Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter is a type designer with fifty years' experience of typographic technologies ranging from hand-cut punches to computer fonts. After a long association with the Linotype companies and Bitstream Inc., the digital typefoundry, he is now a principal of Carter & Cone Type Inc. and has designed original typefaces; Mantinia, Sophia, Elephant, Big Caslon, Alisal and Miller. His type designs also include ITC Galliard, Snell Roundhand and Shelley scripts, Helvetica Compressed, Olympian (for newspaper text), Bell Centennial, and ITC Charter. Recently, he was involved in the development of Meiryo for Windows Vista.
Carter is a Royal Designer for Industry, a member of AGI, and a Senior Critic on Yale's Graphic Design faculty.