TDC Annual Awards1997-98, Members' Silver Prize:
Katsumi Asaba


1997-98 Award Winners





Exhibits for the 15th Rakusyo-kai "Pictographic Inscriptions 1, 2"

The allure, or should I say the spirit of the pictographic inscriptions (characters found on bones and tortoise shells) fascinates me. When I appeared on NHK's TV programme "Miracle Kanji World" I was able to speak with professor Shizuka Shirakawa, a Kanji (Chinese characters) scholar that I respect very much. My feeling is that the uncut gem of oriental design is to be found in the inscriptions created 3,400 years ago, in the Yin Dynasty, when people created form out of intangible feelings. Last May, I tried to visit the area where the people of the Yin Dynasty lived, but without success. I strolled the streets of Beijing and purchased all 13 volumes of the complete collection of pictographic inscriptions compiled by Guo Moruo. What I wanted to do was to "re-engrave" with my brush, what had been engraved in bone 34 centuries ago.


Katsumi Asaba
Born in Kanagawa in 1940. Established Asaba Design Co., Ltd. in '75 after working at Light Publicity Ltd. Among his clients are Suntory, the Seibu Department Stores, the Seibu Saison Group, Takeda Chemical Industries, Nissin Food Products Co. He is the chairman of the Tokyo TDC, a committee member of Tokyo ADC, the director of JAGDA, a councilor of Japan Table Tennis Association. With JAAC Special Selection as a start, he has received a number of awards, including JAAC Prize Yamana Prize. He worked as art director in the film "Sharaku" which was released in February '85.