12 Letters

— Yoshie Watanabe

TDC Prize


12 Letters (Calendar)
I have created these calendars under the private brand of D-BROS for 15 years, and always hoped that the calendars could help decorate each precious day, much like flowers. “12 Letters” is the name of the calendar for 2011. It has 12 envelopes that each includes a monthly calendar, and each calendar has a small space for notes. You can thus use this space to write notes to yourself or as a means to write notes to other people. I am happy to imagine the feelings of and the relationship between the writer and the receiver.

Yoshie Watanabe
Yoshie Watanabe works for Draft Co., Ltd. and is responsible for product planning and designs for “D-BROS,” a product design company, as well as art direction for “une nana cool” (an underwear shop by Wacoal), “PASS THE BATON,” and “SOFINA beaute,” etc. In 2010, she designed textiles for the A/W lines of Liberty, based in the U.K. In the same year, she and Ryosuke Uehara collaborated with the Victoria and Albert Museum (U.K.) to design limited-edition products. She has also published picture books, such as “BROOCH” (text by Yayako Uchida) and “UNEDEUX” (text by Naomi Takayama), published by Little More. In addition, she has received a multitude of prizes, such as the Tokyo ADC Prize, Hiroshi Hara Prize, JAGDA Prize, Kodansha Book Design Prize, Gold Prize of N.Y. ADC, Gold Prize of British D&AD, and the Gold Prize of One Show Design.