Non-Profit making Organization (NPO)

Tokyo Type Directors Club becomes an NPO

We are pleased to announce that in August 2006, Tokyo TDC was granted Non-Profit making Organization (NPO) status by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.The new organization will continue to abide by its original mission manifesto and organize the “Tokyo TDC Awards,” an international design competition, and the “TDC Exhibition,” a showcase of the winners of this competition, as well as issue the design annual book. We will also continue our “Kibojuku” design school which we have hold in Tokyo. We plan to introduce several new study groups so that we can engage in design-related activities that benefit the greater society. Besides, we hope to develop our relationship with overseas designers further through our “Tokyo TDC Awards” design competition, the exhibition and publishing activities. As a newly recognized NPO, Tokyo TDC will be reaching out to increase the breadth of overseas membership, which has been of one of our long-term visions. Our new articles of organization include a definition of the “overseas member” status. An overseas member is relieved of the obligation to attend NPO general meetings and does not have a vote in organization issues.

An Overseas Member 
As an overseas member you will be entitled to have; 

– A copy of the TDC annual book each year, which will be mailed to you as soon as it is published
– Your work and profile showcased on the Tokyo TDC official web site
– We will also include your contact information in the annual book. As far as possible, we will announce information on your exhibits, your publications and other non-business activities you may be engaged in. The Tokyo TDC Awards has organized unique activities based entry fees paid by individual Japanese members and Japanese entrants. It is our hope that you will consider supporting these activities by signing up to become a member. There is no fee for joining, but each overseas member will be asked to contribute US $200 as an annual fee every January

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*We will update more detailed information later on.