Sequencer Books

— Alexander Gelman

Book Design Prize


Sequencer Books

Sequencer Books, a New York based publishing imprint was launched as antithesis to electronic book revolution. I was set to reinforce tactile experiential qualities of print, to explore and find new meaning within tangible object.

Alexander Gelman

Alexander Gelman is a graphic designer, product designer, book writer, and event producer based in New York, Tokyo, and London. He is also involved in branding, ad campaigns, and CF and PV production. Recently, he created chess sets using Yamanaka lacquerware and Kuyani porcelain. In 2001, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) selected him as the “world’s most influential artist in every expression (media).” His artwork is permanently owned by MoMA, Smithsonian Museum, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and other museums. His books include a worldwide bestseller Subtraction (2000) and Infiltrate (2004). His latest book, Post Global (2009), writes about Japanese culture from a unique viewpoint and was introduced by more than 130 media outlets.