Comedy Carpet

— Why Not Associates & Gordon Young

Grand Prix


Comedy Carpet (Public Art)

To win the Tokyo TDC Grand Prize for the first time in 2003 was a huge honor but to win it for a third time is quiet amazing. As typographers we know that the work submitted each year into this world wide competition is of an exceptionally high standard. Both Gordon Young whose work of art the Comedy Carpet is and ourselves at Why Not Associates are thrilled at the projects recognition. It took five years to complete from Gordon’s initial concept and involved many other people. The journey was at times quite challenging but it is moments like this that make it all worth while. Thank you.
Andy Altmann (Why Not Associates) and Gordon Young

Why Not Associates & Gordon Young

Why Not Associates are a multi disciplinary graphic design studio. Gordon Young is a visual artist who focuses on creating art for the public domain. For over 15 years they have collaborated on public art commissions that have involved their love of typography and words. Being from such different disciplines and training the results of these collaborations have produced some unique typographic artworks.