“CD (kuchiroro)”

— Gabin Ito + Taeko Isu + Yosuke Hayashi + Takuma Miyamoto

RGB Prize


“CD (kuchiroro)” (Web + CD Jacket)

Kuchiroro is a band that can be described as critical, popular, and beautiful, with an experimenting spirit. Its members asked me a strange question when they began the production of a new album. They said, “Can you produce a new type of lyric sheet that expresses the music’s structure?” They wanted a lyric sheet that directly reflects complex musical structure.
While I was struggling to respond to the request, I began to move the lyric sheet that I had designed around on the web browser; I eventually messed around with programming, projected it onto a stage, and gave it a texture using typographical printing. I am very happy that my concentration and efforts resulted in this award, and I am very grateful to the staff members who entrusted me with the entire visual aspects of these wonderful pieces of music! 

Gabin Ito + Taeko Isu +  Yosuke Hayashi + Takuma Miyamoto

Gabin Ito (editor), Taeko Isu (graphic designer), and Yosuke Hayashi (programmer) are members of a design unit named “NNNNY” (en-en-en-en-wai). Takuma Miyamoto is a filmmaker who is good at motion graphics. NNNNY’s motto, which forms the center of their activities, consists of disaster relief design. The unit rushes to people who need help, works on problems around-the-clock, and tries to leave behind something good.