Kinoko Bungaku Meisakusen (Collection of Masterpiece Mushroom Novels)

— Shin Sobue + Hidenori Yoshioka

Special Prize


Kinoko Bungaku Meisakusen (Collection of Masterpiece Mushroom Novels)

This is the first anthology that gathers together the best “mushroom novels” in the publishing industry. Kotaro Iizawa, who is a photo critic and a mushroom novel critic, selected 16 novels in which the most impressive mushrooms are described from among all Japanese novels that have ever been written. The mushrooms in the novels are red, white, yellow, hard, soft, small, coquettish, or cute. There is also a mushroom that dissolves overnight. The novels inspired by these attractive mushrooms are all unique. We aimed to create a book that gives a sense that fungal hyphae spread from each of the novels and transform the paper and text into mushrooms. I am grateful to Mr. Kotaro Iizawa, Mr./Ms. Inoue (editor), Mr. Satodate & Ms. Tsukinaga of MinatoNoHito (publisher), and Mr. Soma of Shinano Co., Ltd. They made the difficult specifications possible. I also want to thank Mio Matsuda (illustrator), who created many cute and unique pictures! (By Yoshioka)

I feel the quite same as described above! (By Sobue)

Shin Sobue + Hidenori Yoshioka

Shin Sobue was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1959 and graduated from the Art Department of Aichi Prefectural Asahigaoka High School. He started his career at Kosakusha while studying at the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art University, subsequently leaving the university. Founded “cozfish” In 1991.

Hidenori Yoshioka was born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1976 and graduated from Tokyo Communication Arts, a professional training college, in 1997. After working for several design offices, he joined cozfish in 2003. He has independent in 2011 and founded his own design company “September Cowboy”.